Thursday, August 20, 2009

Introducing Scripts & Scraps Learning Series

from Cancer Moon Creations

Beginners can learn how to use and start to write scripts
Designers can learn how to write and edit their own scripts

Series Includes 13 tutorials in 3 levels, a huge list of resources, script samples & snippets.

Beginner Pak
• Learning to use and understand scripts
o Beginner Guide to using and understanding scripts
o Toolbar overview

Level 1
• Learning to work with scripts and record for personal use
o Open a script as a text file
o Saving a script
o Version fixes 1

Level 2
• Learning to navigate script code and edit scripts to use and to share
o Steps and tips
o Recognizing the code
o Script Editor
o Writing Interactive Scripts – part 1
o Sample of simple interactive script

Level 3
• Learning to write & edit good scripts to market for multiple users
o Creating a PTU Script
o Working with Colors
o Working with Script Snippets
o Version Conflicts and fixes 2

The whole series is available for $25 at My Stores
Links to my stores on the side.

Get Started Learning Today !!!!!!!!!!

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