Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Scroll down to the next post to find out about the workshop coming November 13th.

The workshops are open to the public, but designed to be a part of my companion/support group, which works with my Scripts Learning Series. For those that are paying a monthly subscription as part of the support group, these workshops are included and I ask for no additional payment. I welcome all others, but ask for a small donation - suggested donation = $2-$4.

You can arrange your donation with the paypal link on the right. Also send me an RSVP - this is the email I will use when I send out the link for the tutorial, directions to class, and for any downloads that may be needed for the workshop. I will send these the day before or day of the workshop.

If this workshop is too simple or too advanced for you - we will get one for you. I am trying to cover all levels of learners and different timezones. Feedback and suggestions are welcome - email me and let me know what type of topics you would like to cover.


This time we will focus more on editing a script and not so much on design. This workshop will start with a few editing tips for beginners and move on quickly to more advanced techniques.
This workshop is more for the experienced beginner or intermediate level learner. Beginners are welcome - but please try to keep up.

We will schedule workshops that focus on different topics and be directed to different levels. This one is for the in the middle :)

We will start with a pre recorded script and learn some tips for editing to make it more interactive. Starting with a recorded script of your own is much more ideal, since you yourself will be familiar with the steps. But for a workshop environment we will try to save a bit of time. I will provide a pre - recorded script for you to use - or you can record one for yourself - your editing steps will just be a little different.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Saturday Workshop

hi Everyone

Looks like we will have a great turn out for tomorrow !!
Please continue to use this blog and the Learning Center website for information and updates.

Once I have your RSVP and/or donation, I will send you a link to the Learning Center website. This is where you get the tutorial for the class and link to the chatroom where the workshop will be held.

If you cant make it to this one - we will be having others at different times for those with time conflicts.

If we cant cover everything in 1 class we will schedule an add on to do more advanced topics and question and answer.

Saturday Workshop

If you sent in an RSVP and did not hear back from me - Please check your mail settings. I have had 3 mails returned to me saying their domain wont accept my mail :(

We will post links or directions for getting into the chat and downloading the tutorial. There will be at least 1 or 2 people standing by with Instant messaging to help on the side too.


The workshop will start out with a tutorial appropriate for beginners and build on that - getting more and more complex.
If you are an advanced student - we will get to the more challenging edits and a question and answer period at the end.
So this is the approximate schedule

11:30 - 12 - greetings and making sure everyone has the materials
12 - 12:15 - getting started with design tutorial
1:00 - 1:30 - beginner script edits
1:30 - 2:00 - Intermediate script edits
2:00 - 2:30 - Q & A

No one has to stay for the entire time - but hopefully the coming and going will not disturb the learning.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Contact Cancer Moon Creations

My email if you have any questions or want to make your RSVP for Saturdays Workshop



We are going to host a workshop !!!!!!!!
Saturday, October 24th at NOON !!! 12pm EDT

This workshop is open to the public - Everyone is welcome.
We may have a surprise or two for you :)

We will go through a simple design and the steps to make it into an interactive script. Keep in mind, this is not a design class - we want to keep our focus on turning a design into a script. You are expected to have a basically good knowledge of general PSP and scrapbook designs.

The workshop should be a challenge for beginners and include some additional challenges for more experienced scripters. It will include a tutorial and any supplies you may need. We are hosting this workshop in an internet chatroom thanks to GBL Creations. http://www.gblcreations.com/store/

We are asking for a small donation and confirmation of attendance.
Click the paypal donate button on the right and send me an email with your RSVP. Suggested donation $2 - $4.

We recommend that you purchase and study the cmc Script Learning Series and practice practice practice. The Learning Series provides the basic information and guides to learning on your own and practicing. We also host a support group which includes these workshops, discussion, weekly challenges, and many resources for your continued pursuit of learning. The support group is a companion to the cmc Script Learning Series and only available to those that have purchased the series. This companion support group is available for as a subscription for $5 a month. (link on the right)

The Learning Series is available at

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Learning Scripts with support

The official kick off date for the support system is September 15th.

This group is open ONLY to those that have purchased my learning series. Do not subscribe if you have not purchased the learning series.

We need your feedback as we develop a support system that works for you - the learner. If you want to or have purchased my learning series, then I would love to hear from you about what you need and want to help you learn to be a great script writer. email me at cancermooncreations@gmail.com.

As we develop the support system - We are setting up a yahoo group so that we can communicate with each of you and store files. We will have many resources and activities that will help you learn. We are also working on some workshops that will be held in an online chatroom.

In the yahoo group and in the workshops we will be working on specific parts of scripting like:

Editing and troubleshooting existing scripts
Practice writing and editing our own scripts
Topic discussions
Design ideas and script trouble spots
as well as the common topics covered in the learning series, like version conflict, and making a script interactive with and without adding snippets.

I can't wait to get started. Come back on the 15th and sign up. Its only $5 a month.