Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Scroll down to the next post to find out about the workshop coming November 13th.

The workshops are open to the public, but designed to be a part of my companion/support group, which works with my Scripts Learning Series. For those that are paying a monthly subscription as part of the support group, these workshops are included and I ask for no additional payment. I welcome all others, but ask for a small donation - suggested donation = $2-$4.

You can arrange your donation with the paypal link on the right. Also send me an RSVP - this is the email I will use when I send out the link for the tutorial, directions to class, and for any downloads that may be needed for the workshop. I will send these the day before or day of the workshop.

If this workshop is too simple or too advanced for you - we will get one for you. I am trying to cover all levels of learners and different timezones. Feedback and suggestions are welcome - email me and let me know what type of topics you would like to cover.


This time we will focus more on editing a script and not so much on design. This workshop will start with a few editing tips for beginners and move on quickly to more advanced techniques.
This workshop is more for the experienced beginner or intermediate level learner. Beginners are welcome - but please try to keep up.

We will schedule workshops that focus on different topics and be directed to different levels. This one is for the in the middle :)

We will start with a pre recorded script and learn some tips for editing to make it more interactive. Starting with a recorded script of your own is much more ideal, since you yourself will be familiar with the steps. But for a workshop environment we will try to save a bit of time. I will provide a pre - recorded script for you to use - or you can record one for yourself - your editing steps will just be a little different.