Thursday, October 22, 2009


We are going to host a workshop !!!!!!!!
Saturday, October 24th at NOON !!! 12pm EDT

This workshop is open to the public - Everyone is welcome.
We may have a surprise or two for you :)

We will go through a simple design and the steps to make it into an interactive script. Keep in mind, this is not a design class - we want to keep our focus on turning a design into a script. You are expected to have a basically good knowledge of general PSP and scrapbook designs.

The workshop should be a challenge for beginners and include some additional challenges for more experienced scripters. It will include a tutorial and any supplies you may need. We are hosting this workshop in an internet chatroom thanks to GBL Creations.

We are asking for a small donation and confirmation of attendance.
Click the paypal donate button on the right and send me an email with your RSVP. Suggested donation $2 - $4.

We recommend that you purchase and study the cmc Script Learning Series and practice practice practice. The Learning Series provides the basic information and guides to learning on your own and practicing. We also host a support group which includes these workshops, discussion, weekly challenges, and many resources for your continued pursuit of learning. The support group is a companion to the cmc Script Learning Series and only available to those that have purchased the series. This companion support group is available for as a subscription for $5 a month. (link on the right)

The Learning Series is available at

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